School manager gives top marks to the GB6 cooker

One of the stiffest tests for any piece of equipment must be a school kitchen. Not just to satisfy the 100s of hungry children in a short period of time but also to provide the nutrition to boost their learning, development and health.

So, when a school catering manager gives your cooker top marks, you can justifiably be particularly pleased.

That is the case with our GB6 natural gas six-burner cooker that is being used in the kitchen at Sheffield High School for Girls.

Rod Harding, Catering Manager at the school, said: “I’d give the GB6 cooker 9 out of 10. It’s easy to use and to clean, and the heat control is simple.”

And the GB6 had a hard act to follow as the cooker it replaced had been in usage at the school for some 20 years.

Combination of quality and price

Rod said: “The previous cooker was getting old and the gas rings were malfunctioning. Eventually, we realised the cost of repair would be greater than purchasing a new cooker.

“So, I researched a number of options including the GB6 after Parry was recommended to me.”

It was the combination of quality and price that persuaded Rod to choose Parry’s six-burner cooker.

He also added: “Unlike other cookers, it has no sharp edges; making it safer.”

Rod said he would have no hesitation in using Parry again and recommending the equipment to others. He commented: “They provide confidence.”

So, the GB6 has gone to the top of the class at Sheffield High School for Girls.

Learn more about Parry’s high-scoring cooker.

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