Stainless Steel Flatpack Pass Through Cupboard – FCUPP

£1,100.00£2,090.00 £1.11

Product Description

  • Stainless Steel Flatpack Pass Through Cupboard
  • Fast self assembly design
  • Totally portable and ideal for event catering
  • Take it anywhere, use it, then pack it away
  • Robust and practical design suitable for all types of applications from commercial kitchens to laboratories
  • Manufactured from high quality stainless steel
  • As strong as a fully welded cupboard, the flatpack cupboard has been loaded up to 250kg in trials
  • Prices vary depending on dimensions
  • Free delivery for self assembly units
  • Optional Extras:
  • Castors 50mm,75mm or 100mm

Additional Information


L:1200mm x W:500mm x H:900mm, L:1200mm x W:600mm x H:900mm, L:1200mm x W:650mm x H:900mm, L:1200mm x W:700mm x H:900mm, L:1200mm x W:800mm x H:900mm, L:1500mm x W:500mm x H:900mm, L:1500mm x W:600mm x H:900mm, L:1500mm x W:650mm x H:900mm, L:1500mm x W:700mm x H:900mm, L:1500mm x W:800mm x H:900mm, L:1800mm x W:500mm x H:900mm, L:1800mm x W:600mm x H:900mm, L:1800mm x W:650mm x H:900mm, L:1800mm x W:700mm x H:900mm, L:1800mm x W:800mm x H:900mm

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