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Made in Britain…

Keeping home-grown manufacturing flying high

Baffled by the Brexit debate? Tentative about Trump? With all these forecast of doom making the headlines every day, it’s a good thing we’re around to keep the flag flying high for home-grown, British products and best-in-industry practice.

  • 40-year heritage steeped in British craftsmanship
  • 85% of products manufactured in the UK, mainly at Draycott factory
  • Agile, reactive customer service
  • LEAN manufacturing processes continually enhanced
  • Warranties and spares managed in house

As Managing Director Mark Banton puts it, “We’re proud to be ‘Made in Britain’ and believe it makes a difference to our customers. We’re confident in our products, which offer best-in-class quality and reliability at their price point.”

Giving you what you want at the right price

According to Mark, our strongest skill is “being able to supply what the customer wants, when they want it at the right cost”.

We like to think of it as the Parry difference, and it’s making our competitors sit up and take notice!

  • We’re flexible and react to your needs fast
  • Our internal structures and processes give us a competitive advantage
  • We’re big investors in our team – Skills levels are strong for each business function

Investing in local people for the future of craftsmanship

We employ 70 people, including skilled craftsmen in fabrication, welding and catering, production engineers, estimators, buyers and finance managers.

  • It’s our policy to recruit young, local people from outside industries
  • We run apprenticeship schemes, training them as craftsmen and technicians

It comes down to our determination to meet your requirements and to continue to do so in the future. As Mark points out, “many of our customers require bespoke products and this is when craftmanship is essential.”

With KPIs throughout every business process – with challenging but achievable targets – we’re committed to maintaining high standards.

Bringing you new and improved products

We’re a relatively small business in comparison to our competitors – with a small market share. So we have to fully exploit our competitive advantages and minimise our comparative weaknesses, such as our buying power or marketing and R&D budgets.

One way that we do that is by constantly updating and improving our series.

  • New products and business growth are crucial
  • We’ve just launched our new six-burner gas oven, the GB6
  • Other plans include a new induction range and bespoke catering equipment from our existing ranges

Mark concludes: “Our business growth plans are based on offering our customers improved services and flexibility. The clear message from our customers is that this is what they want and what we provide. The encouraging part is that they complain that our competitors don’t!”

Parry. We’re flying our “Made in Britain” standard high for others to follow.

To find out more about our new six-burner over read our case study below.


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